27 Jan

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A happy home

5 Dec

One way to easily change the look and feel of ones home is with a new set of illustrations or prints.

I have gone from black and white themed, to quirky and a little offbeat, to just plain beautiful with the pictures I adorn on our walls. (Plus one of my favourite things about changing up our space is to watch how long it takes my husband to realize there is something new in our home. It once took him three months to spot the ‘new’ illustration; I call these episodes “Looking at life through man goggles”).

Here are some of my creations.

1385502_645329228834670_1327635561_nDSCF1744 DSCF2315DSCF2314

The write stuff

1 Dec

It has been a while since I last posted anything, which means there are lots of weird and wonderful new creations I am able to share with you.

My notebook collection has steadily been growing, with each new design neatly placed alongside the others adorning my bookshelves.

Some of them are quirky, others are meant to inspire, but all will hopefully one day be filled with big dreams and great ideas.






The gentlemen’s club

8 May

I enjoy creating things that put a smile onto peoples faces and what better material than flamingos. They are such funny, gangly and quirky creatures that I just had to draw them. I hope you enjoy my latest little illustration “The gentlemen’s club”.


the dance of the swallows

5 Feb

The joyous and carefree spirit of swallows is one that I have always admired. But as I live close to the ocean and only generally get to see squabblesome seagulls, I decided it was time to bring some beauty into my home with these mobiles I have been working on.

They come in three different colours (yellow, wood and black) and have certainly brightened up my days.




birds of a feather

23 Jan

One of the many joys in my life is listening to bird song and watching the little balls of feathery energy hopping about. I decided to create these little bird brooches because I thought they would bring some fun and beauty into peoples lives.

bird brooch 5 bird brooch 2 bird brooch 4 bird brooch 3 bird brooch 6 bird brooch1

And for those of you who do not wear brooches I thought I’d design the birds a little bigger and make them into a handsome wall hanging.

hanging birds

some pretty prints

26 Nov

Every now and again there occurs a rare and wonderful moment, when I wake up with a burst of creativity.

Over the weekend I was blessed with one of these mornings and I drew these three illustrated prints, which were promptly framed and hung all around our home.