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the dance of the swallows

5 Feb

The joyous and carefree spirit of swallows is one that I have always admired. But as I live close to the ocean and only generally get to see squabblesome seagulls, I decided it was time to bring some beauty into my home with these mobiles I have been working on.

They come in three different colours (yellow, wood and black) and have certainly brightened up my days.





birds of a feather

23 Jan

One of the many joys in my life is listening to bird song and watching the little balls of feathery energy hopping about. I decided to create these little bird brooches because I thought they would bring some fun and beauty into peoples lives.

bird brooch 5 bird brooch 2 bird brooch 4 bird brooch 3 bird brooch 6 bird brooch1

And for those of you who do not wear brooches I thought I’d design the birds a little bigger and make them into a handsome wall hanging.

hanging birds


24 Sep

I live in a country where sitting on the couch, screaming passionately at the television and sipping on a cold beer, while cheering on one or other South African sporting team is considered relatively normal behaviour. And if, by any chance you are like me and have a little bear-bug about condensation stains on your recently polished table then you may be interested in these little coasters I have just made.

They come in sets of four and one of them even has a little bite out of him. I think they may just be the perfect gift for any husband or dad.

in the beginning…

1 Sep

There are a few things in life that make me very happy (and sometimes even get me doing a little dance). My husband and Nutella rank right up there with some of my favourites, as well as any pretty paper products.  Ever since I was small I would linger in the stationary section of any shop and dream of all the different design I would one day create. It was therefore only a natural progression that I started creating designs to adorn my walls and spoil my friends with.

And out of passion and an overflow of creativity my little company ‘paper-tales’ was born.